How to Clear Safari History on iPad 2, Delete Safari History on iPad 2
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How to Clear Safari History on iPad 2?

clearing safari history on ipad 2Just like PC or laptop, internet browsing history is also store on iPad 2. Safari browser app is used to surf webpages and hence it stores history of visited websites, cookies and cache details. You can easily clear internet history on Apple iPad 2 by using options on Safari screen available under iPad 2 settings. The steps below will show how to clear and delete Safari History on iPad 2.

Remove/Delete Safari History on iPad 2 Steps:

Step 1: Goto "Settings" icon on the home screen. Then select "Safari" option from the left side of the settings screen.

remove safari history on ipad 2

Step 2: Towards the bottom of the Safari column you’ll see 3 buttons – Clear History, Clear Cookies and Clear Cache. Tap any of the 3 to perform that action. Tap any of those three choices to delete it.

Step 3: You will see a confirmation window pop up, hit "Clear" and you can easily remove safari history on iPad 2.

About History, Cookies, Cache

Clear History: Using this option your can clear Safari history of websites that you have been visited.
Clear Cookies: You can clear Safari Cookies a small piece of file called that contains personalize information like website settings, login information, etc.
Clear Cache: Clear Safari cache content that is stored on your device to load website faster when you visit it next time.

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