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Top 5 Free Apps for Your Jailbroken iPad

apps for jailbroken ipadAll us Jailbroken iPad owners laugh heartily when people complain of not being able to multitask. It’s pretty easy to set up your iPad to do just that and instead of laughing at you, I will help you! Check out the best of the best in terms of Apps Jailbreak iPad!

On top of access to great new apps, another great thing about jailbreaking is that you still get to use the regular Apple apps without any problems. So get ready to be familiar with the word Cydia, and get excited to tell your friends you "hacked" your iPad (they won’t know any better!), here we will introduce top 5 Free Apps for Jailbreak iPad:

Free Apps for Jailbroken iPad 1: Cydia

What’s Cydia? It’s a little like the app store, it has free and paid apps. The difference? The Apps on Cydia can do things that Apple doesn’t want you to do.

Free Apps for Jailbroken iPad 2: SBsettings

This is an awesome app that allows you to turn on and off wifi, bluetooth and 3G. All you have to do is swipe at the top left of the screen and the menu pops down.

Free Apps for Jailbroken iPad 3: Backgrounder

This is the app the lets you multi-task. Simply hold the menu button while you’re in the app you want to stay open. The screen reads "backgrounding enabled" and that’s it. In the options you can turn on an icon that tells you what programs are running in the background.

Free Apps for Jailbroken iPad 4: dTunes

Need an Alternative to Itunes that is free? Check out D-tunes, it might be a little glitchy and ugly and unorganized but it allows you to download and play music and almost any song you can think of. Early today I was watching Elfen lied and I was bored so I turned on my Ipad to see if I could find the theme for it, named Lilium. Within seconds I had it and was downloading it and all from in the app.

Free Apps for Jailbroken iPad 5: Full Force

Full force is an interesting app to say the least. It’s changes the app resolution of iphone games to ipad resolution. For apps like facebook this is great but for many games and apps it has some strange and glitchy effects. Check out Facebook before and after Full-Force is applied.

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