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How to Free up Memory on iPad?

For those having out of memory warnings and frequent crashes because of lack of memory on the iPad? The iPad isn't exactly known for having a ton of memory at their disposal. This can especially be a problem when you are using an iPad, which has less memory (but a faster processor) than the iPhone 4.

What happens is that when you open up one of those memory heavy Apps you may get a message telling you the resources are low. At worst, the App may crash. Here are some things you can quickly to free up iPad memory.

Close Multitasking Apps to Release iPad Memory

Well, the iPad already supports multitasking but it’s limited to only a few Apple specific apps like the iPod, Mail and Safari. For example, on the iPad you can start playing music in the iPod app, return to the main screen, tap on the Mail app and then check your mail all without missing a beat in the music. This basic multitasking can sometimes have an impact on your memory and apps. Now you can close multitasking apps to free up iPad memory.

Step 1: Click "Home" button to back to the home screen. This will bring up the ‘list’ of currently running Apps – by way of an “App bar” at the bottom of your screen. Tap and hold down on any one of the currently running Apps.

releasing memory on ipad by closing apps

Step 2: You’ll notice that each App will start to “wiggle” and now has a small “minus sign” circle in the upper left corner. Tap the “minus sign” of the App you want to close/quit. That App will now close.

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Clear up Safari to Free up Memory on iPad

If you’ve been surfing the net recently and have multiple pages open in Safari, each of these pages takes up memory and could be to blame. To free up iPad memory, simply go into Safari and close any web pages you might have open.

clear up safari to free up ipad memory

In the Safari Task Bar tap the “New Window” button and then close any web pages you have open from previous surfing sessions. By simply closing any open Safari webpages you can save up to 40MB of memory.

OK, with two methods you can easily release iPad memory, they are easy to operate, select one to try now.

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