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How to Tether iPad to BlackBerry?

Want to tether your iPad to a Blackberry since you have an iPad and a Blackberry phone in hand? You can make it by following our tutorial below.


  • This will not give you 3G speeds. Bluetooth DUN using PDAnet gives about 50kB/s. Faster than edge, but half as fast as 3G.
  • If you are being redirected to verizon website, ensure that "dial up networking" is disabled in your blackberry bluetooth options.
  • These instructions are for Verizon, for directions on other mobile carriers.

Tethering iPad to BlackBerry Steps:


Install ibluever from Cydia.
PDAnet: BlackBerry as a USB Modem(click "install pdanet 1.30" only).

Step 1: Install and run ibluever on iPad. Click On button your Blackberry phone should be shown.

Step 2: Click the blue arrow of your device to edit the following fields.

* pin code: 0000 (any combination of numbers);
* dial number: #777 (for verizon wireless);
* chat script: default non GPRS;
* Authentication: On;
* Sniff Mode: Off;
* Waiting SDP: On.

Step 3: Go to your Blackberry bluetooth options menu and disable "Dial-Up Networking" and click Save.

tether ipad to blackberry

Step 4: Run PDANET from Blackberry device and "Enable Bluetooth DUN". Open ibluever on iPad, select your Blackberry device and run it.

Now you have finished iPad to Blackberry tethering, and you are be able to access the web. Now you can download the videos from website to your iPad for enjoyment. But the downloaded videos are FLV format. Here is iPad Video Converter for Mac software for you to convert any video to iPad compatible formats on Mac OS X.

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