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How to Import Books from Kindle to iPad?

"I don't know how to import the book (which I purchased via Amazon which I can read with my free Kindle for PC program) to iTunes so that I can then sync it with my iPad (which has the Kindle app installed). Any help here appreciated; or if there is a specific Amazon instruction page or info somewhere on how to move Kindle books to iPad I just don't find it."

The provides thousands of books to download or purchase anytime anywhere. You can read the Amazon books on Kindle, Sony reader, or other e-Readers. But how to sync kindle books to iPad for reading at will.

Move Kindle Books to iPad with iTunes

The downloaded kindle books from Amazon are not compatible with iPad eBook formats, Calibre is an open and free resources for you to convert any eBooks and manage your eBooks easily. And if you want to put .doc, .txt, .pdf, .chm etc. to iPad for reading, Best ePub Creator is the best choice to convert these files to iPad ePub format with high quality.

Step 1: Convert Kindle books to ePub format

Free download Calibre and install in on your computer. Add the Kindle books to Calibre, in right coner, select "EPUB" as an output format. Then click "Convert" button to start conversion.

convert kindle books then transfer books from kindle to ipad

Step 2: Add Kindle Books to iTunes

Now launch iTunes app on you PC. From iTunes on your computer, import the ePub file. Do this in iTunes by selecting "File" and the Add to Library.

Step 3: Import Books from Kindle to iPad

Connect iPad to computer, iTunes will show it on "DEVICES" list, click "iPad" item. On iTunes top menu, choose "Books" tab, scroll down you mouse to "Sync Books" option. You can select sync all books or selected books.

how to import books from kindle to ipad with itunes

After choosing books, just click "Apply" button on right bottom. Now the Kindle books are in iPad iBooks app. So easy to move Kindle books to iPad for enjoyment.

Transfer Books from Kindle to iPad with Kindle App for iPad

Amazon Kindle format is a closed format which is only supported by Amazon products. You can put the Kindle app on your iPad. And then sync kindle books to iPad.

Purchase a Kindle formatted book on on your computer, or directly into the iPad. If necessary, log into your Amazon account. Head to "Manage My Kindle" and direct the ebook to appear in your iPad's Kindle.

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